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October 2022
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The Expropriation Bill is one step closer
Now that the National Assembly has signed the Expropriation Bill, it’s closer to becoming law. Touted as a much-needed push for land reform by some or as a threat to property rights by others, the bill is incredibly controversial. In this month’s poll, share how you feel as a property practitioner.
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82% of property practitioners rate the PPRA’s performance as “poor” to “very poor”.
Source: Prop Data September Poll 2022
Your move: Property practitioners shouldn’t hesitate to alert the PPRA about their frustrations or approach their representatives such as REBOSA or the IEASA.
This month’s poll
How do you feel about the Expropriation Bill?
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Watch out for these property crimes and scams, say local practitioners
Watch out for these property crimes and scams, say local practitioners
Prop Data ran a poll to find out which crimes and scams are impacting the local real estate community. Here are the results, with insight from property experts on how to stay vigilant.
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More than a third of South Africa's middle-class split work between home and the office.
Cape Town’s commercial property sector continues to grow.
The residential rental market is proving to be surprisingly resilient, says TPN Credit Bureau.
Home Ground Estates
Home Ground Estates is a bespoke luxury residential real estate brokerage. They focus on people and their needs, creating a service that is meaningful and beneficial for all.
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John Pettygrove
"Working with Prop Data has been a great experience. Your team helped with the entire process and changeover from our old website to our excellent new one. I would highly recommend Prop Data to any new or established business."
John Pettygrove
Director, Golden State Properties
Relaxing bath ideas to soothe away your troubles
Relaxing bath ideas to soothe away your troubles
It's getting closer and closer to the end of what feels like a very long year. Having a relaxing bubble idea is an ideal way to destress before the busy festive season kicks in.
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Front-End Developer
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